The Virus

Driving around Denver and running errands was a once in a lifetime experience. Early on it was announced on the radio that Denver restaurants and bars would be closed for two months. The DJ for indie 102.3, whose voice sounded fantastic, was broadcasting from her basement. At Westerra the lobby was closed and there was […] “It’s so disturbing,” Morrison says. “When I read Chad Daybell’s book and he described what he called near-death experiences, it’s the kind of thing one hears when these things go bad. I’ve heard a lot and when you begin to hear those kinds of stories, potentially you’ve got some trouble.”

Lori and Chad Dingbell This Lori Vallow chick is one sick puppy. But first, here is more from husband Chad: “I woke up that morning and she had been dead for a couple hours but she had a peaceful look on her face at her burial. I felt her tell me she was happy and helping our family […]