So much to write about. There’s the McGuffin below. That is crazy. Who ever heard of a 10-2 manslaughter conviction? Besides, isn’t a mcguffin… Then we are visiting Rocky Top, Tennessee. Knoxville, I think. It is sure to be a lesson in diction and spelling. Here it is. Ouch. Look at that carport. Stupid. “The […] A search of Turner’s phone records showed the device had been primarily at the home from March 1 to March 5. On March 5, the day officers say they found an open window and questioned the neighbor, her phone left the house for most of the day. On March 6, her cell “left […]

Robert Hansen Bipolar Disorder Highway of Tears Link Hansen moved to Anchorage in 1967 at 28. He had a (second) wife and two children. By 1972 he was arrested for rape, kidnapping, assault or what have you. Recidivism, pathology, or some other reason. At 21 and already married he went to prison for two years […]