it will all get worked out “It will all get worked out” is a phrase. Duh. It is passive voice because it doesn’t have a subject—for whom?—and it does not say much about what will be worked out either, nor who is going to do the working. It is avoiding and blaming at the […]

Dateline NBC is so well done. The Black Candle Confession. There are things left out, like the fact that the detective lied and bluffed about having DNA evidence. They come off as sleazy even though they stand for and were doing the right thing. Iowa. They seem to have a disproportionate number of psycho killers. […]

Bad News Gregarious and confident and lacks “psychopathology.” Lawyers playing psychologist, and psychologists playing lawyer. Psychopathology is “the scientific study of mental disorders.” Next up, a Personality Assessment Inventory. Who wouldn’t want Porsche seats in a 2003 Toyota Tacoma? It is an interesting case all centering on two people who could not get along, act civil, […]