So much to write about. There’s the McGuffin below. That is crazy. Who ever heard of a 10-2 manslaughter conviction? Besides, isn’t a mcguffin…

Yes, that’s right.

Then we are visiting Rocky Top, Tennessee. Knoxville, I think. It is sure to be a lesson in diction and spelling. Here it is. Ouch. Look at that carport. Stupid.

“The man’s crazy, and every time we try to get something done about it, the cops just slap him on the wrist and say, “Well, you just got to look over George, he’s crazy.”‘

I have been writing about law and liability. I believe this is liability. I also think it is about as hard to explain as narcissism — hard to understand for sure, but also something you don’t want to learn.

Which reminds me:

Who can argue with an abstract construct?

Finally, we will tackle this.

A search of Turner’s phone records showed the device had been primarily at the home from March 1 to March 5. On March 5, the day officers say they found an open window and questioned the neighbor, her phone left the house for most of the day. On March 6, her cell “left the area of her home and appeared never to return,” the warrant said. 
On March 7, Turner’s cell phone was turned off and has not been turned back on since. 
Police obtained Burchard’s phone records March 12. They showed no outgoing calls or text messages after March 3. According to the warrant, police believe he was killed between March 3 and 6. 
Turner did not report her car stolen and appeared to have gone into hiding, according to the warrant.
“Therefore, based on the fact that Burchard came to Las Vegas with the intent to visit Turner, Burchard was found murdered in Turner’s vehicle, and there was evidence of a clean-up at Turner’s residence, there is probable cause to believe Turner was involved in Burchard’s death,” the warrant concludes. 

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This woman and her then-boyfriend are fried.

The language above is biased. It is leading. It is not objective; it is not two-sided. It is not well written.

All of those are somewhat off-base. There is something wrong with it. One detective’s name is tied to it. Maybe that is it. No, that is not it either. But it is true.

Let me see, she already has two kids and she is pregnant…

Two things are different about this case. First, everything–the missing person reports, home/crime scene, and the body–solved the case almost immediately. Although the one accomplice has squealed, this is not a case where someone or something outside the police force had to come forward to solve it. It is not a case where a dead body was found by a hiker ten years later. This is one where everything was in the “authorities” laps right from the beginning.

That is why the leading writing is out of place. “Turner did not report her car stolen and appeared to have gone into hiding.” That is leading. If you dissect writing you can see it. I think it is common in police reports, and mentalities.

The pictures of Kelsey Turner are interesting. She looks worried. And she should be.

The second thing that pops-out is how stupid they are. Once again, it is this phenomenon of I am going to kill someone in my living room and get away with it.

Overall, the case has things that are worth watching. But we need video these days! The victim appears to be an awfully naive helper. The dumbshit father has a gofundme campaign because the daughter could never do it. There’s the mother, the roommate, the “long-time girlfriend,” the ex-wife, and probably more. The string of boyfriends seems especially sleazy. And, it was desperate, criminal, poor and jobless people who kill for money.

Who is the father and what will happen to the child born in prison?

The Mormon Murders

This is an editorial. Everything here is an editorial.

I am not a fan of these people with dual citizenships. I think often there is an attempt to have the best of both worlds without paying a price for it and without really accepting either fully.

I am also not a fan of Mormon or religious proselytizing. Nor am I a fan of colonization.

It is colonization of the mind.

The Mormons who began moving to Mexico in the 1890’s when the U.S. began cracking-down on polygamy were not ordinary settlers. Joseph Smith traveled the area personally and helped choose land and the church purchased approximately 100,000 acres for a planned community of settlements.

Colonization is a bad thing. Look up the definition. Even better, read about King Leopold II and the Congo Free State.

Women are and should be capable of determining for themselves. But colonizing women and children is equally bad. They are fleeing and controlling at the same time. Doing it among druglords is horrendous.

Here is another one. It is not inevitable, but it is not a surprise either. I wish I could find the professor’s link saying “I am surprised it did not happen earlier.”

O.K., let’s write about it. First we’ll start with a rehash of the history and the gore. Then we can move to statements surrounding the inability or unwillingness of the government to a rebuke of the rich, drug-addicted Americans. Finally, we will end with sympathy for the protesters and fighters.

It is all academic, it has been said before, and it is pointless.

The Mormon Murders

This is very good journalism.

And these are interesting comments. They’re not the only ones. And it is not representative, but they are a lot of qualitative input.

It is hard to make sense of it.

I have become very familiar with Colorado City, Arizona, Warren Jeffs, and the history there. I have been to St. George, Utah and I know about that. I know it sounds arrogant, but I have not read Under the Banner of Heaven (the whole thing) because I think I know the story.

The compounds or colonies are quite similar, including Gold Base, California. New Mexico (Jeffs) too. I have looked for pictures of the LaBaron “colony” and that of the Romney clan (Colonia Dublán), and a third, Colonia Juárez in Chihuahua. This video really helps.

Under an agreement with the Mexican government, the Latter-day Saints purchased 100,000 acres of land and eventually established eight colonias, or towns, in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

They are all like army bases. They have patrols; they stop outside vehicles. They are secluded (i.e., protected) from the outside world and involuntarily or not, residents are sequestered. There are no movie theaters, restaurants, sports teams, newspapers, etc. etc.

In Mexico there are reports of digging too many wells and it shows. I wanted to see pictures. Supposedly the colonies have much bigger homes that stick out in the poor countryside.

Mr. Staddon said he had always been surprised at the contrast between the large homes that the Americans and their descendants had built in northern Mexico, and the poverty that surrounded them.

It is all legal. They are not hurting anyone.

Or are they. It is brainwashing. If you care about your children, give them a choice.

I don’t entirely agree, but one comment… They are Mexicans now.

Except for the granite countertops.

Raju Patel

This is not a hatchet job. It isn’t a Facebook post, it isn’t a rant and rave, and it isn’t fake news. I’ve always written that this blog is about my keeping records, memories, and learnings. It is visible to all, and maybe it can help others also.

“We have our rules” is one soundbite I remember.

Another, from a different branch manager, is “This is what we are going to do for you.”

It is especially odd for a banker. How is a banker registered or licensed? I will find out. But I know there is a fiduciary duty there. In other words, there are a lot of ways to complain.

Andrew is one name; Juli Christy is another name and person, an important one. Mr. Patel is the ringleader because they all sang the same song, but he may not even know it.

This is boring so let’s get it out of the way right now. There is more to it besides the FINRA exam

States regulate personal bankers through various organizations, including securities commissions, bank divisions and banking departments. State agencies require personal bankers and bank managers who supervise these bankers to hold federal licenses and registrations according to the products and services offered. Investment advisers must also register with the Investment Adviser Registration Depository as required by the international North American Securities Administrators Association and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

I do not think a lot of it applies. But that is my ignorance. Specifically, Bank of America is not a state chartered commercial bank.

Ouch. Office of the Controller of the Currency, that is who regulates Bank of America. Earlier I saw this but I am more interested in the formal, official way. This is a giant scam.


Robert Hansen

Bipolar Disorder

Highway of Tears


Hansen moved to Anchorage in 1967 at 28. He had a (second) wife and two children. By 1972 he was arrested for rape, kidnapping, assault or what have you.

Recidivism, pathology, or some other reason. At 21 and already married he went to prison for two years in the tiny town of Pochahantas, Iowa.

It is as if being married spurred the mania side.

I didn’t know. I still don’t. I keep Googling “bipolar disorder” and “Freud” and come up with nothing.

If I Google “bipolar disorder” and “alcohol” I get a lot of hits. It makes perfect sense. The manic part is enhanced, albeit temporarily. The depression part is enhanced big time, and it becomes permanent.

Hansen, who died recently, was a very smart and meticulous man even though he was uneducated. His life was an escalating pattern. The insurance fraud, bakery, plane, and the worst parts did not happen until the early ’80s. His plea was brilliant: confess to the four you know about and do not say anything more about it.

The Frozen Ground, 2013

Back to the video and Brian Steven Smith. I have been searching the web and there is not much more about him. His 21-years-older wife appears to be a dolt if not an enabler. I wanted to see more, especially the house, and the vid helps. Maybe someday I will unmute it.

The stunning part is the enclosed arraignment booth. He is handcuffed and surrounded by police, is that necessary? It looks like some third-world country. Was he executed that day?

He looks scared as hell. And he should be.

Eek, Alaska

What an amazing piece of luck, finding the SD card. Perhaps there are others.

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