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I found your firm when doing some research on trespassing in Colordo.  I have a neighbor who insists on “claiming” my backyard.  He regularly lights it, shines lights at my home, and shines lights into my bedroom.  I have written him four times and have personally asked him to stop.  The houses are maybe 250 yards apart and about four-fifths of the property is mine.  Today I am planning on seeking an injunction per neighborhood covenants.  Yesterday I began staking on my side of the property line for a possible privacy fence; my neighbor stole my ladder, sledge hammer, and two posts from my property.  It is a fairly long story but the sheriff’s department will not do anything.

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October 29th, 2012 at 10:37 am

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Big Day

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I have to work harder.  No time for beer.

  1. Buy paper.
  2. Go through photos
  3. Review small claims/covenant injunction
  4. Prepare injunction document(s)
  5. Write Mink no harassment e-mail/letter

Key that I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t worked on this for years.  “Jake” would not be doing what he is doing if he hadn’t learned from local, corrupt, public employees.  He is wrong.  I am right.

I must remember:  I am smart and far more ethical.  I am doing the right thing.

Why is he doing it?  He wants my back yard.  He is influenced by corrupt officials.  He doesn’t know or respect privacy or the law.  He has no idea about covenants, contracts, or civil violations.

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October 28th, 2012 at 9:12 am

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Lance’s is a great story

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The tatooed cyclist; NY Time general; Betsy Andreu and Emma O’Reilly; CNN; Foxsports.

From Lance:

“By helping to bring me down is not going to help y’alls situation at all. There is a direct link to all of our success here and I suggest you remind her of that.” (to Betsy Andreu)

“Now, Emma, you know enough to bring me down,” she says Armstrong told her after the meeting.  (to Emma O’Reilly)

From U.S. Anti-Doping Agency:

USADA said Armstrong was at the center of ”the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen” within his U.S. Postal Service and Discovery Channel teams.

From the International Cycling Union (UCI):

But UCI President Pat McQuaid didn’t stop there. So repulsed by the extent of USADA’s evidence that Armstrong had doped, lied, bullied and threatened his way to glory — even demanding that key teammates on the U.S. Postal Service squad dope as well to further his championship pursuits — McQuaid said Armstrong should be expunged from the sport’s memory.

Title by title, trophy by trophy, and now dollar by dollar,  this man is crumbling.  When the USADA conclusions first hit in August and Armstrong declined to formally contest them you could say ‘No huge deal, he is retired anyway.’  At the time, he still had his Tour titles, his foundation, corporate sponsorships, a huge fortune, and many fans.  One by one they are being publicly–with impunity–taken away.

High on the list is the $7.5 million he is being asked to pay back to SCA Promotions.

I can understand athletes doping.  They want to win badly; with winning comes fame, money, and just plain being on top.  At the time, in cycling in particular, others were doing it.  I also understand the dangers, illegality, and rules of the sports.  Definitely, for the good of a particular sport, and for health and many other reasons, the psychology of the athlete must be combated.  That is a dynamic I can understand.

The thousand page USADA report is a milestone in investigative purpose.  It contained the evidence that was thought to be unattainable.  It shows that right can triumph over wrong.  It proves that no one is above reproach.

Lance Armstrong is a liar and a cheat and he deserves everything that is now happening.  Repression, avoidance, denial…  He has done it on a grand and public stage with intimidation, exercise of power, lawsuits, defamation, etc.  He has done it and he has pushed and amplified it.  Most others have shown humility and confessed or explained–they recognize that that forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation will come in time.



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October 23rd, 2012 at 5:51 pm

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October 22nd, 2012 at 9:50 am

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Tasks for Today:

  1. Scan outrageous letter
  2. write to PCU (respond to letter by e-mail)
  3. update personnel complaint
  4. prepare letter to fax to legal and bogus customer service office

I opened this complaint over a month ago and have not heard back.

In the meantime, I have received a disconnection letter (posted here:  It is threatening and anonymous.  I will send a reply–hopefully by tomorrow–indicating of course I have no problem whatsoever complying with the internet user agreement.  But I also expect CenturyLink to abide by it, specifically, this service requires a properly working home phone.  Mine was not.  After over three years now it has been fixed.  It is a world of difference.

In other words, high-speed internet service is AS IS provided a properly working “physical” phone line is installed.

I called the repair team after the fix to inform them of the huge difference.  I was asked by Justin Mueller to send him an e-mail documenting it.  I did that and that spurred the above-referenced letter.  I made absolutely no complaints about DSL service.  Also, this would seem to be related to squashed efforts to disconnect my home phone.

(I have been told by CenturyLink employees repeatedly that my DSL service/speed/reliability is substandard.  I specifically told the repair crew that this deviation is unimportant; the MAIN/only thing is that my phone works.)

Who sent the letter?  I suspect it was David Schmidt, the subject of this complaint.  He appears to have a strong personal vendetta against me.

Also, information provided by CenturyLink to the PUC is not accurate.  Please see my corrections there.

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October 18th, 2012 at 9:47 am

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Harassment by Ted Mink

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Partial List.

  1. Sending two deputies to my home, around midnight, banging on my front door, to accuse me of “trespassing.”  I sent a letter to Ted Mink, vehemently denied this, provided proof of footprints in the snow, and never received a reply.  I asked to meet with Ted Mink and he refused.
  2. Threatening–calling and coming to my home–to threaten me with an arrest for “obstructing a public utility.”  What?
  3. Coming to my home to accuse me of 1) disobeying postal regulations and 2) to inform me that a neighbor would send me a letter in reply (a lie:  no letter).
  4. Coming to my home to 1) accuse me of disobeying postal regulations 2) to inform me that there are no covenants in my neighborhood (there are) and 3) that a barking dog would wear a bark collar (didn’t happen) and that the nuisance would stop it hasn’t)
  5. Coming to my home, after I reported a crime and specifically said I do not want calls or anyone coming to my home to harass me (10/7/12).

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October 12th, 2012 at 9:30 am

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to attorneys

My situation involves continued threats (e.g., ‘we’re going to come and cite/arrest you for…’) and harassment (e.g., continued name calling, phone calling, coming to my home) from the Jefferson County sheriff’s department (i.e., Ted Mink’s deputies).  Last night it happened again.  I have called and written the department and Mr. Mink numerous times and have NEVER received a reply.  Numerous complaints and requests for internal investigations have been ignored.

This is a result of reporting real, verifiable crime in my upscale Evergreen community.

As a first step I would like to engage an attorney to “put the department on notice that if they continue the same way, I may sue them” (link, Jonathan Willett).


Last night, once again, two deputies came to my home for the purpose of harassing and threatening me after I reported a crime; I specifically told the dispatch employee–and she repeated it back to me–that I did not wish to be called back nor did I want anyone coming to my home.  After the deputies left (they refused to provide names or cards) I received three caller ID-blocked calls from…  (INCOMPLETE).

———————— question

What can a homeowner do if the local law enforcement agency does not provide appropriate and sufficient services?

I live in an upscale suburb of Denver.  I suppose the offenses are relatively minor, but crime is rampant:  severe speeding, illegal dogs, illegal parking, driving on the wrong side of the street (and off the road), harassment (e.g., lights, noise), dogs off leash, dogs biting/attacking, harassment of wildlife, illegal littering (e.g., refrigerator, tires), illegal surveying, abandoned cars, vandalism, hit and run vehicular damage, and illegal use of public property.  There are no patrols and, if called, law enforcement employees almost never do anything; part of it is they are unskilled, but a bigger factor is they are told not to do anything.  If I speak with superiors, write complaints, or contact internal affairs they never do anything; e-mails are not replied-to and individual contact information is not provided.  This situation harms the neighborhood–neighbors fight with each other and property values and quality of life are compromised.

One way to consider this is “selective enforcement.”

With respect to “more serious” crime this law enforcement department refuses to open and investigate reported cases of county corruption, falsification of public records, and abuse of public office (e.g., “official oppression”).

Part two, or the escalation of this, is what do you do when law enforcement employees harass and intimidate when a homeowner 1) continues to report crimes and/or 2) complains or seeks IA assistance?  This website was helpful in answering this second question:  seek attorney assistance and send a letter to stop the harassment.

Finally, I should add that this is not a “departmental” problem.  In Colorado the sheriff is personally responsible for all deputy/staff behavior.  Obfuscation followed by thuggery is the way the sheriff wants it.  And it is not a budget or staffing issue; the per capita departmental budget (and officer-to-citizen ratio) is approximately twice the national average.

(there is no civil rights category here at

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October 8th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

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ted mink last night…

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(from my other/emergency blog)

My other blog is down again so I’m going to have to compose here.

Ted Mink refused/refuses to:

  1. Investigate hit and run damage to my property by a FedEx driver.
  2. Monitor and police speed limits in my neighborhood (vehicles frequently driving 40-50 MPH (estimate) in a 20 MPH zone).
  3. Stop the noise in my neighborhood and the adjacent area from a business (kennel) approximately a mile a way.
  4. Stop people from driving on the wrong side of the street (and off the road) in my neighborhood (I have witnessed dozens of near accidents).
  5. Stop a neighbor from harassing me in my home with lights and trying to usurp my property with lights.
  6. Stop a different neighbor from shining a huge spotlight, erected on a chimney, and aimed at/inside my home.
  7. Stop a different neighbor’s pit bull dog from harassing me until I was attacked on my property (I am convinced the harassment only stopped then because I had photographs; the noise continues).
  8. Prosecute a different neighbor whose dog bit me when I was walking in the neighborhood (on public property).
  9. Prevent dogs from the lacrosse field at the park in my neighborhood (signs posted:  “No Dogs on Athletic Field”).
  10. Prevent dogs off leash in the rest of the park (Stagecoach Park).
  11. Prevent people from driving in the park where vehicles are not allowed.
  12. Prevent vandalism in the park.
  13. Prosecute a person whose dog, off a leash on the lacrosse field threatened me even after I provided vehicle license information.  I asked the individual three times to put the large German Shepard on a leash and he refused.
  14. Investigate (and prosecute) corruption in the County Planning and Zoning (e.g., falsifying public records).
  15. Remove an illegally discarded refrigerator from a visible corner in my neighborhood.
  16. Stop people from camping/living at the parking lot of an abandoned supermarket across the street from my neighborhood.
  17. Stop dogs from illegally harassing wildlife in my neighborhood.
  18. Stop animal abuse and loud/habitual dog barking in my neighborhood.
  19. Investigate and prosecute an illegal survey conducted on my property.
  20. Investigate complaints against sheriff’s department employees (details in Part 2).

Of these, a number of them–particularly neighborhood speeding/reckless driving and illegal dogs/dogs off leash at Stagecoach Park–have been reported to the Mr. Mink’s department on numerous occasions.  Sometimes dispatch operators argue, try to avoid the call, or are abusive; sometimes employees/deputies do not respond; or sometimes a response takes up to an hour.  Frequently, deputies arrive, observe the crime(s) and do nothing–no follow-up, investigation, research, etc.  Always no citation is issued (or arrest made) and nothing substantive is done to prevent a recurrence.

Obviously this is an extensive list.  It is just from memory, done fairly hastily, and some issues may not be included.  It covers maybe seven or eight years of living in my neighborhood.

And it is a nice neighborhood comprised of $300,000 to $500,000 homes in Evergreen, Colorado.  Sheriff Ted Mink steadfastly refuses to provide necessary law enforcement services.  Qualified patrols are nonexistent as are effective responses to reported crimes.

The bottom line is the streets and the parks are not safe and accessible to all.
Coming soon:
Part 2,  Organization and Management
Part 3, Avoidance, Denial, and Cover-Ups:  What Happened When I Complained
Part 4, The Bigger Picture



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October 8th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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is this legit?

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I just bought–I think–another item of yours.  I’ll buy this one too if everything works out with the first one.


Peter Pfeiffer
Evergreen, CO
phone number

This refers to this one; this is the one I “bought” earlier today.  I really want it!  I would like to buy this too, but….

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October 7th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

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