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(Good) Pic

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It is good, but it is more accurate to call it appropriate, self-promotion and all.

This, the top story at this afternoon, is so stupid—it doesn’t say anything.  It seems like a PR piece, which we all know the NFL is good at.  I don’t know that many in the broad Michigan community who would refer to Jim Harbaugh as an “icon.”  He was a very good quarterback on good teams.  The clamor from Michigan folks is based on a staggering need and Harbaugh’s proven ability to win.  The whole thing is based more on what can you do for me now.

This is like predicting a game.  Opinions are fun.  Michigan is in dire need—the Brandon and Hoke fiascos mean that revenue is at stake.  The people in charge know that the spigots are open and the flow is relentless.  These same people  (e.g., Hackett, Schlissel, and the regents) now know, from recent history, that they will be judged by these decisions.  They are going to look mentally challenged if Harbaugh is not the next coach.  Put another way, everyone and their mother knows M is waiting and made a very strong offer.  There is no way Michigan can be waiting in vain.

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December 19th, 2014 at 2:29 pm

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The Tab Trials

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RCA 10.1” Walmart Special

They are now selling it for $129 and “RCA” (whatever that means) lists it as having a $199 MSRP.

Pop-up ads (e.g., Amazon! and chromebook) are bizarre and extremely unwanted.  Even after researching it I still don’t know what VUDU is or why it keeps opening.  These are problems I am used to with Android.  Maybe I can solve them.


NextBook 8

Finally, an affordable Windows tablet.  Still waiting for the micro USB cable…  (This one has a micro hdmi port instead of a mini hdmi.  This appears to be a reason almost everything else has mini—the micro does not stay fastened well and this is a drawback for the “computer.”)

It has to be at least #2 because it is Windows.  I know it and prefer it, especially because Android has disappointed me for home use.  With a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 16 GB “hard drive” (careful, Windows is bigger than Android) it is a full-fledged computer and 8.1 is Window’s newest.  Problem with a video or just about any other function?  Import your favorite software from your desktop or laptop computer.  It is still $99 at Walmart.

The market has not changed much and for its features it is still probably the best buy out there.  win tab state as of 12-15-14The 8” screen makes it barely useable in terms of fingers and the many features MS has crammed-in.  Do you really want it for your uses?  For what, to replace a desktop or laptop?  It has bluetooth, HDMI, and USB so that makes it capable of many uses; plus, unlike Android, it easily connects to a Win 7 wifi network.








Visual Land Prestige 7

I don’t know if it is the Android 4.0-ish operating system or what, but this never worked right for me.  Admittedly it was at least half my doing but…

The my-doing part includes trying to use a browser (instead of apps) which the device is not really made for.  Another mistake is downloading and storing files rather than doing things online; this can be overcome with effort, but it isn’t the easiest way to use these devices.  The final thing I didn’t do right was expecting perfect video file playing—size, audio sync, and hiding the screen when connected to a tv all proved to be problems.

That said, this product has been a disappointment.

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December 15th, 2014 at 5:02 pm

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