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August 19th, 2015 at 7:50 pm

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Jared Fogle and Subway

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I’ve been waiting for this ever since the story broke about a day ago.  It does not disappoint.

As for Subway, I never really got it.  Even I can make a sandwich.


tiny reminder

To get the obvious out of the way first, this wasn’t about some picture from Bulgaria showing up in someone’s email.  There’s a link to this “foundation” and quite a bit of access and influence potentially involved.

Moral, medical, scientific are things I am not really following.  To my knowledge this had nothing to do with smuggling girls or (widespread) trafficking.  I would call it more of a cultural or sociological problem, or even reality.

Moral is maybe for churches, medical is for doctors, and scientific, that could mean a lot of things.  Psychology probably is in there.  There’s a lot of ground to cover.  And “porn” is just, again, culture is as good as any other way to describe it.

“Child sex abuse,” on the other hand, is not so vague and difficult to deal with.  It is difficult to deal with.  But you know it when you see it, meaning the age-specifics are there for a reason.  It’s purpose is to protect the victims and, mostly because we have no way to deal with it on a much larger scale, punish the perpetrators.  In this case there is indisputable history and evidence.

That’s the thing about these crimes by these guys, they’re…  widespread isn’t the right word.  That’s why these guys are not just guilty, but going to jail.  Maybe this is where all the moral, medical and scientific stuff comes in–there really isn’t any reason to believe that profit or even abuse was the motivation in any way.  They did it, over a significant period of time with a number of “girls” (that’s the law, under 18). I don’t know the specifics of distributing and the crimes associated.  Obviously, they have teeth.

On an individual level, Fogle was married (second time) with two very young children.  The other guy had all kinds of video equipment–hidden video equipment.  I don’t know.  (EDIT:  Russell Taylor was married too.)

So what did we learn here, how is this case different than the others?  Boy, did everyone have their t’s crossed and i’s dotted on this one.  He’s a sleaze, he’s going away, and hopefully he’ll reform.  I guess that’s the white-collar, upstanding citizen reaction.  A couple of months ago everyone was saying Fogle hasn’t done anything wrong and it is just that other guy who’s the perv.  What was it, June?  (EDIT:  July 7.)  We now know that it takes about two months to analyze hard drives and reach a bit of a conclusion.


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August 19th, 2015 at 1:18 pm

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Interesting. Did he lose?

Seems awfully roundabout.

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August 18th, 2015 at 4:18 pm

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INSERT image here of Tom Cruise (ew!) in Days of Thunder (Robert Towne, yeah!) saying “You gotta be good at your job/something.”

The sports blog has turned more and more into a repetitive look into management and championships. You might call it In Search of Excellence. Suppose, just for the fun of it, someone were to ask you…

What are you an expert at?

marketing research
survey research
deer and elk damage
the basics of psychology and anthropology
customer satisfaction

You can see the list is based a lot on education and work experience.

Imagine if I were a father, or mother, or housekeeper or wife.  Would I have the confidence to include “raising kids?”

Suppose it was worded as things you are very good at:

German cars ‘60’s to about 2000
sports/column writing
certain (e.g., alternative, folk) music genres
“novels to movies” (just kind of comparing them)
cooking (i.e., making pizza or brownies)
business consulting
creative writing

These include things I am good at for various reasons including experience, passion, and enjoyment.  Basketball, running, and tennis are wannabes.

Then there are things that I am just “at.”  These are things that I just do.  I am not really good at them.  I am functional, sort of like a dull job.

  • law
  • websites and computer programming

Finally, there are things I am bad at:

  • housecleaning


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August 18th, 2015 at 3:46 pm

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Earlier in the playlist there was a Bob Mould imposter. Imagine!  Charlottesville bartender.

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August 2nd, 2015 at 9:42 am

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