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I was searching for old content and this was all I could find.  I don’t know where the Cary Grant story is.  And the Nextel story got a lot of attention.


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March 27th, 2016 at 7:14 pm

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March 25th, 2016 at 7:25 am

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$86,671 on fuel


This is the point we call…

When at last the White House was compelled to speak on the subject, Hayden says he wondered what might happen. “We call it the Big Pause,” he recalls, “when stuff like this goes public, what’s the big guy gonna do? Is he gonna man up and support you or is he gonna get reflective?” His answer came in the forma liar and a spy might appreciate: Bush admitted and defended the Program, and dissembled, insisting it was lawful, that it only pursued “known suspects or conspirators.”

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March 24th, 2016 at 9:16 pm

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Cheri Gerou.  Architect/politician.  The potential to be a bit less gruff than the mountain man or rancher.

She was a sponsor of the one bill.  Our wildlife discussions did not go well.  “If you are trying to get money from the state, they’re broke,” she said.

Finally, an

That is just too weird.

A search with the wayback machine reveals this.  (More.)  It concerned our communication:  laws, executive enforcement, and…  Hiwan Country Club.  I thought her behavior was unethical.  She was trying to get things from the DOW for Hiwan Country Club.  But she didn’t know the laws or regulations.

Tim Leonard (R), House.  The home-schooled thing, in your local district and specifically where your office is, did not sit well.

Tim Neville (R), Senate.  I had never heard of him.

Yes, it is the wild west.  Most of these people will never get to Washington.

I don’t see the problem.  Let them spend their money on dirty mailers.  Marketing mix.

Anyway, one reason is the CBI.  How to get to the CBI.


And then there is the young woman from Parks & Wildlife who I spoke with at the lake.  She was spying on the nonexistent ice fishermen.

  1. Game damage materials, two days.
  2. Permit to take deer causing excessive damage.
  3. Annual report to the general assembly.

“Every landowner shall be eligible to receive sufficient and appropriate temporary game damage prevention materials pursuant to this section.”

I need to look up the fellow, the lawyer formerly with Coors (i.e., Molson).  Oh no, Evergreen Dave and the Canyon Courier.  I know, the Canyon Courier is very similar to the NY Times.  I think he is a columnist there.

The names above?  Just thoughts.  Some are going to hear about the problems at the sheriff’s office.  I’m going all-out this time.

Here’s the thing, the last word for all events and occasions:  they’re doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.  Put another way, they’re using company time for the wrong, harmful, and I think illegal things.


“What do you do for a living?”

“I shoot deer and elk.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah.  I drag their bodies around a lot.”


Next, the federal contacts.  Here’s a little secret for anyone who wants to know:  When you send something to Director, FBI, Washington, DC, it gets investigated.  Need to look-up senators and representatives.  U.S. attornys.

Michael ZinnaGadfly is not a good title.  It was a §1983 claim.  “Pro Se Plaintiff Michael L. Zinna’s Motion…”  Does even a gadfly become respectable over time?  He and I exchanged quite a few emails.  I was on his radio show.

The way I remember it.  His site had something about the Taj Mahal blowing-up on it.  I think there were bulldozers too.  So they thought he was a terrorist and they went a little overboard.

It is surprising that his actions didn’t have further ramifications, like by the district attorney…


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March 22nd, 2016 at 9:48 am

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Tina ramifications

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OH GOSH.  For the first time ever non-private (blog parlance, if you know what that means).

I enjoy writing.  Compelling topics I have little control over are the best.  The hardest part is to not bash anyone, yet do what you have to do.

This is going to need many revisions before I am happy with it.  Maybe it will never end at all.

You’re So Vain, and others.  I always liked Tom Rush’s No Regrets.  I think it is a happy song.  Whew!  Are they about missing out on someone?  Of course.  Some.  But they are very much about other things too.

And this is different.  It was only about possibilities.  It never was.  It is only about yourself.

This person is so paranoid she believes anything on the internet is a multi-state conspiracy against her.  That’s actually how it began.  It is not a grey area; post on the web–in other words, acknowledge it–and it is over.  Everyone will read it and her son’s life will be destroyed.  Don’t worry, I have said before, no one is going to see it.  It is just what I have to do.

*    *     *

The #1 lesson in online dating is never assume the other person wants to be just friends.

The hardest thing to write in online dating is the not going to happen or let’s be friends email.  Most people don’t do it.  It is cowardly, and it can hurt people’s feelings.  You only need to do it if you hurt people’s feelings and you care about it.

People expect (prompt) replies.  Not prompt could be viewed as the no reply break-up.

Gee, I don’t know, or I’m busy, are probably going to be misinterpreted.  It can also be hard to do.  No reply means no go.

That is kind of crummy, even if it is a normal person, but if you want you can do it.

Here’s one reason it gets complicated.  I view it as 50/50.  If I were a woman I would view it as 50/50 because here really is an opportunity to do much more than just sit there and wait.  But many women do not, they will not contact men and they may expect to be treated differently; I mean, still kind of hiding.

You can always tell the new ones, especially the new and attractive women–they will get a lot of mail and it goes to their head.

Everyone with some experience in online dating knows they go as fast as they come.

I need to invent a woman and go online…  I’m sure it has been done.  I am not going to do that.  I don’t know how many messages women receive, or how worthwhile they are.  I have been told quite a few times it is slim pickings.

Women, and maybe men, want dates.  The experience above said to me, if we date you will like me and you will adapt.  Let’s just go out.  Then all the divorces, kids, pets, and job complaints will go away.  (Gifts, great things, but.)

Gawd is this a rationalization.  Every situation is different.  Time and intimacy–there is no intimacy–make a difference.  Some people don’t need a reply at all.  Some may deserve a no and reason.  Others may…  It is pretty hard to get it right.  Maybe it is because they see it as a real thing.  They’re real hurt when its over.  They perpetuate it.  We’re talking about the desirable women.  They are used to traffic–mail.

So…  The above woman, Trina, is extremely experienced in online dating.  She likes to play with phones and websites.  She has little idea there is a real person on the other end.  When you live in Bozeman, Montana you have to reach out further.  And if you are a great catch in Bozeman you probably are not going to find what (who to the rest of us) you want locally.

(You live in Bozeman and you are and want to be a big shot…  That is the deep, dark secret.  I was so cautious to be considerate, because that is where it becomes cut to the bone insults.  You can’t change where you have lived for the last 26 years, even with a 100-acre temple and $5 million sport fishing yacht.  (OMG, the generators are in the wrong place!)  It is called enculturation.  If you are a complete egotist it will be harder to recognize.  If you remain isolated, and only listen to people you hire, or tell you what you want to hear, it will be harder still.)

So you have to do something.  This woman is so into herself and her combustible lifestyle (I’m under siege), and then factor in what and who (i.e., culture), and it was impossible.  Imagine a woman, who, after nineteen lawsuits, still thinks it is all because her ex-husband still loves her.  Doesn’t he even have another girlfriend or wife?  I divorced him.  If I had wanted him to divorce me I would have done something…  I divorced him and he still loves me.

I knew she couldn’t handle my wanting to uplift the situation and remain friends.  I did it for me.


so, you have to tell people the truth.  I have to make the effort.  You have to take 30 minutes to send a note.



the bio thing



The bottom line is I do miss the online dating relationship.  I liked it that she was, provocative, is the best way to put it.  Energy.  Different world (kids, Montana, courts).  I liked that it was distant and not all-consuming, like living with someone.  I was OK with, and at times it was even fun, arranging to meet at neutral places.  I liked that it was a daily greeting.  She often had a problem and it was engaging; she would seldom tell me the whole story or listen to my input, but it was stimulating.  On the surface–we were unable to go deeper (lifestyle, communication snafus)–she was great.


It wish there could have been more compassion and attention.  I liked the lack of phony compassion or sexual innuendo.

She came off as rational sometimes.

Real accomplishments–patent, own company, very successful property development

Strong desire to do more–energy, legal efforts

Remember the thing about the awkward, engineer personality?


secrecy; inability to manage kids and me; non-stop ex animosity; always prompt with texts and email but brief, sporadic, and at times infuriating–no way to finish a conversation; no way to progress.  Didn’t follow

There was no way that the acrimony, custody fight would end.  For many years, there really was nowhere to go.  Again we never got there because of constant communication problems.


She’s a millionaire.  She’s very attractive.  We have a huge match percentage.  She is successful (company, patent, degree).

she is not informed on current events, sports,


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March 17th, 2016 at 2:11 pm

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And more.  Who can live without a Canadian Railroad Trilogy?

Almost.  No Regrets.

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March 17th, 2016 at 7:39 am

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Moving on

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I think it was Frasier Crane who said, about Diane and after years of reflection, “I am reasonably sure she is not the devil.”

Maybe Jerry Seinfeld said it better:  “I really think they’re happy if you at least make an effort.”

I do that.  I remember scenes.  Language.  Dialogue.

I wish my French was better because the scene from Chinatown is the best ever.  I was trying to stop someone from getting hurt and I ended up making sure she was hurt.

Here’s another way to put it.  “Every time I see you falling. I get down on my knees and pray. I’m waiting for that final moment…”  I always thought it was knees and cry.  “I do admit that if I hurt someone else then I’ll never see just what we were meant to be.”  (That last part is a little murky.)

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March 14th, 2016 at 11:45 am

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EDIT 5/19/16.  I’ve written many times about Walmart that that kind of success does not happen by accident.  I had them over a barrel here–it is not the same model and that has nothing to do with your return policy–and that was not my intention.  I really wanted to just find out what I had, and if I should keep it.

I had acquired this Walmart credit card mostly because of the promotion and used it only to buy this $125 TV.  Now my balance on the card is a $175 credit and I guess the TV was free.  That is really all I know.  I would like to thank them or explain but I don’t know how to.

RE the TV, initially I had some problems with it for about a month but I am pretty sure that was my cable company.  It works great and I am almost certain that it is a newer, smaller, better model than the one on their website.


Walmart eCommerce
850 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066

This is a revolt against surveys.  Surveys were my chosen profession.  I got out in many respects–never really in theory–just around the time it was changing from people to electronics.  Boy oh boy, it is harder than ever to break through.

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March 12th, 2016 at 11:31 am

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Gender Roles #1064

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Men are not supposed to say this.  Men are not humiliated.  (Susan.)

RIP Pat Conroy.  The Prince of Tides was a once in a lifetime…  He didn’t do anything else you say.  Beach Music took his fans and shredded them as a (Sophies’s Choice) ripoff.  Lords of Discipline and the like were good coming of age novels by a much better than average writer.  He must have been wealthy because they were all successful films too.

But there was more, at least in my limited knowledge.  Conrack, or The Water is Wide, was seminal.  It will never happen again in the United States.  Before that, who the hell ever heard of Beaufort High?

Marketing boredom.

These are three separate topics.  Look!  It is the exact same format as the Ted Mink story.

RE the above link…  I am reminded of the scene from Friends where Rachel’s sister Reese Witherspoon comes to visit.  She and Ross have a bit of a fling.  “And you,” she said.  “I throw myself at you.  How gay are you?”

“You take care Jill” he says.



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March 10th, 2016 at 2:19 pm

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Insert picture of Hillary Clinton here.

Image of Donald Trump here.

This could be an election that brings respect from the rest of the world.  It is going to be an unbelievable show.  The executives at CNN and Fox News will be doing cartwheels.

It is stunning the Donald got this far and such an accomplishment deserves awareness.  Is there really a Trump University?  Hillary, while probably not beatable, is eminently attackable.

Here’s how the first debate will start:

“Hillary, you ignorant slut!”


Prolific Writer

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March 3rd, 2016 at 8:17 am

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