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Scott Peterson

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Two things:

  1. The documentary by a main producer/author on the subject is disturbing, at least in the beginning.  The statements by the police are upsetting.  He didn’t behave the way I expected.  But probably much was cut out and they’re not TV actors.  Just one example, specific wording such as “I lost her” do not incriminate in my mind; but “This will be my first Christmas without her,” before the fact, does.  And they spent something like $4.2 million (and are/were seeking state reimbursement).  And the crime right across the street!  The police chief was involved and they responded.
  2. This woman Marlene Newell is an amazingly-detailed blogger and researcher. “SII” stands for Scott is Innocent.

It is this page in particular that I stumbled upon.  The writer lost me with her personal definition of libel and her failure to take this book in along with all the other fluff on the subject.  And I don’t feel right about inflicting generations on a new-born, plus, mother-child separations are nothing new.

Now I’m no better than the rest because I don’t know, but what fascinated me is how I could picture him growing up.  There are many, many quotes like this:

Another of Jackie’s relatives, who asked that I not identify her, told me, “Scott did everything to please his mother so he wouldn’t be thrown away…”

He appeared to grow up with a two-faced ability to please his parents and others.  INSERT joke about fertilizer salesman here.  He had an ability to be very charming and win people over.  His relationships with his mother and father do not appear to be great.

Also, I am intrigued by the two words, sociopath and psychopath.  Sociopath (i.e., death row) is pretty clear.

You know, fertilizer, or steroids, kind of unnatural cultivation…  The other thing that has been said before and eloquently is the need to have confidence and be good at something.  Seducing women and spouses with lies–and murder, let’s not belittle murder–is not something you want to be good at your whole life.

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April 21st, 2016 at 11:39 am

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The Elk Shooting (final report)

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A compound fracture on an ungulate, is there any other kind?

“Not really.”

“I usually just leave them.”

This encounter was really by chance.  I followed his pick-up as it approached my neighborhood.

No, that doesn’t prove anything.  Yes, there are usually two or more sides.

And secrecy is still bad.


Executive Summary

  • The officer exercised poor judgement.


  • Supervision problem.


  • I say the animal suffered and I saw it.


  • A look into the suspect and a theory.


  • IA for benefit of sheriff only.


  • Cannot report animal cruelty.



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April 4th, 2016 at 2:16 pm

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April 2nd, 2016 at 6:37 pm

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