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Can anyone say…  Patty Hearst?  She doesn’t look captive to me.

Sighting?  This is from two weeks ago.

It really is a great story.  The TBI chief keeps insisting this is some ghoulish monster.  At least buy her a new shirt.  The team probably knows what shirt she is wearing now.

The father is still not well.  He is worse.  The last I heard he was tweeting loudly that Tad is a narcissist who has to realize there are other people.  Cummins’ former coworker, who put up the reward money, used the same word.  These are not the most articulate people.  The latter also said something like he always has to be in charge and he always has to be right.  The wife, who is now seeking a divorce, tried to appeal to this side of him too:  I know you want to do the right thing, you can’t run forever.

Fired from the school in a backward place for letting her back in the classroom (open door) after being told not to.  A trained counselor he is not.  Anyway, something kicked-in.

The neighborhood in Columbia.

As wacky as it sounds, they are going to put him in jail.

Who goes around saying they worked for the FBI and CIA to a bunch of kids, in school?  Maybe they used him for target practice.

For the wife and the father the pictures are distressing.


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March 30th, 2017 at 12:56 pm

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FAA vs. Walmart

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“As FAA continues to implement new NextGen procedures across the country, community opposition has presented a significant hurdle for the agency’s plans. Several ongoing and recently decided lawsuits challenge FAA’s procedures as not properly considering community concerns before adopting new flight patterns. Congress remains concerned as well, as evidenced by recent Congressional action that attached a rider to the defense authorization bill requiring FAA to consult with local communities before implementing NextGen flight patterns. In addition, in two recent audits, the Department of Transportation, Office of the Inspector General has criticized FAA for its failure to implement a comprehensive approach to NextGen implementation. FAA has taken a number of steps to improve community outreach and engagement, but it remains to be seen how well they will work to satisfy airport and community needs and expectations. For further information, please contact…”

That is the best summary I’ve seen.  Every email.  Every house or business.  There’s no question you can sue and the lawyers are going to make a fortune.  It is going to be a nightmare and I don’t think they’re ready to handle it–the FAA, that is.

He said “I applaud your efforts” twice.

Pink parking lots at Walmart?  FAA similar to the NCAA?  It doesn’t matter.

Fifteen between 8:30 and 9:30 “Sounds about right.”  No, that is not going to change.

It was a very quick response, through the ombudsman.  That he is from “Health & Safety” is interesting because that was before my revelation of “shaking house” and “headaches.”

It is awfully scary because it is a little like deer and elk.  Uh oh, another analogy or simile.  Crab antics can refer to a bunch of crabs in a barrel.  The only way they can get out is to climb on each other’s backs.  So the deer and elk, if you put up a fence or push them away, where will they go?  Someone else will be worse off.

Evergreen is an unusual place and it is bizarre how, wherever you go in the metro area approaching 3 million, people know it.  Someone connected probably lives here.  Someone went skating–or shot an elk–when they were a kid.  Yet it is tiny and it hasn’t changed that much.  The traffic is twice as heavy as, you name the date.  But it hasn’t changed that much because of the mountains.

And most of it is about as permanent as you can get.  It is surrounded by park land or open space.  The land owned by Jefferson County and the County and City of Denver must be in the billions in terms of dollars.  The point here is there could be some really simple solutions to divert the flights.

“Reverberation” was his word.  It is maybe twice as loud because of the reverberation.  Noise at altitude may be a bit trickier…

As for the individuals in Evergreen–the gentleman with the FAA stopped me cold and agreed when I said there is no community here–we’ll see.  The realtor who I spoke with over the weekend disappeared; she said it was a revelation and she was going to go Google immediately but I never heard from her.

That’s the point–we’ll see what it brings out in, whoever.


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March 27th, 2017 at 11:41 am

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The webtrak flight thingy is here.  It is a little discriminatory and noninclusive given the exercise you have to go through to make a complaint–it is the complaint process; even with a large screen and desktop computer it took me two browsers and a lot of resizing to get it to work.  There are glitches with real time but it does work historically.  There is obviously a big gap in coverage and monitoring going southwest because of…  the rocky mountains.  My guess is it is as much as 50% underreported in north Evergreen.  Covers only DIA blah, blah, blah.  The FAA covers the whole sky.  Anyway, the only thing it seems to show is this one pathway super-highway of flights.  Note that the noise monitors–the purpose for the system–are nowhere to be seen in the southwest part of the map.

constant airplanes

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March 27th, 2017 at 9:19 am

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NDAA 2017

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Requires DOT to review flight path changes at civilian airports to determine…

NDAA 2017

The actual text says that for all flight paths changed after February 2012, the FAA administrator must review those changes “to determine if the implementation of the procedure had a significant effect on the human environment in the community in which the airport is located.”

McCain said the new law “requires the FAA to mitigate the negative effects of flight path changes that have already been implemented, while providing impacted communities and airports a seat at the table before any future changes are made.”

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March 25th, 2017 at 12:58 pm

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FAA dia

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Q.  Why do you have a noise complaint office if you just tell the callers to go to hell?

What do you expect me to do, reroute 15,000 planes in the next two weeks alone?, he said, or something similar (he didn’t use numbers at all).  Then he went on about how airplanes are noisy and people who work on runways wear ear protection.  Something like that.  It was hard to understand with the volume and aggression.  And he has been working there since the airport opened.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the slightest bit constructive.

What do you call it, an advocacy office?  They’re terrible at it.  I mean, it really is interesting from a customer satisfaction standpoint.

Maybe I’ll leave this outgoing message on my home phone:  “Please don’t leave a message if you intend to yell, swear, or bomb my home.”  That is pretty much what their phone and website say–all the things that will not be tolerated in their relations with the public.  In other words, they’re preparing for a war right up front.

Mike McKee has his email screened and forwarded and seems to hide behind his cell phone.  Maybe that’s why he was screaming:  he was talking into a cell phone…  on the tarmac.

“We haven’t received any calls from Evergreen,” he said, and he added something about there were some calls in the past.  That is not input, representative, etc. etc.  There’s a big problem.  Most people are not going to volunteer, research, and proactively call.  This is hard to understand and fight.  Plus, there’s the population.


“No airport in the world would (do anything) about noise 60 miles away,” he said.  And no, it doesn’t make any difference if it is louder than the local noise ordinance allows or the highway.

There is no question it is louder than the road noise.  This is in my house with all the doors and windows closed.  Constantly, all day, 60 miles from the airport; and what about everyone miles 1-59 and 60+, the latter of whom are even higher and on steeper terrain?  I have seen reports that airplane noise can have health effects and I don’t doubt it at all.

A benchmark is, is it louder than a conversation?  Yes.

I would say it is louder and two or three times heavier traffic-wise here.

He said they are climbing and heading toward Mt. Evans.  And, apparently without researching it at all, he said the planes are flying as they should at 18,000 to 22,000 feet.

“Do you know my home’s altitude,” I asked

“No,” Mr. McKee replied.

“It is 7,500 feet,”  I said.  “Doesn’t it follow that the noise would be louder than say zero feet?”

“Yes,” he said.


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March 24th, 2017 at 9:45 am

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Rockville rape case

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Man.  When you see a bunch of Maryland cops like that they know what they are doing.

They stopped her in the hall, asked her if she wanted to have sex, and when she said no dragged her into the men’s room and raped her?

There have been some protests and these are hard-working, educated people   They’re working class and connected; government, private, etc.  A lot of them are lawyers.  Rockville Pike is tough.

Anything to be learned here, about having an impact and doing the right thing?  No, not really.

Yes, they are pretty scary and illegal immigrants.  It is probably a lot more common in Los Angeles.


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March 24th, 2017 at 8:21 am

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Like a blog

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1.  Thanks to the Michigan basketball plane crash I am less intimidated by the FAA.  It is a meticulous industry and while there may not be rules–maybe more like guidelines–there are definitely processes.  DIA.  Airplane noise.  Shameful subject.

2.  Lots of “restricted caller” messages from police.  Not a today way to communicate.

3.  The two stories I continue to look for.

Tad Cummins

I have lived in small towns and I think they are not for me.  Columbia, TN, pop. 35,500 is not that small but it seems to get small fast around it.  You can see the areas and specific houses easily.  Maybe rural or backward are appropriate or mean:  $85,000 1,000 square foot house in rural Tennessee (or Indiana).

The home where the mother was arrested looks nice and also secluded.  The attractive and apparently outgoing and curious 15-year old had never been in a school before, assuming “home schooled” means her entire life.  There were nine other children half of whom are now adults.  Can someone home schooled possibly keep up as a high school freshman?

The forensics/health teacher had earned a two-year degree and was/is considered educated, reliable, and rational.  So far, in raising children who now have children (one was in his classroom at the time of the incident), he has been an above-average if not accomplished member of the community.

I wouldn’t call it grooming.  I think he just didn’t really know and he fell.  There’s no reason to think he’s violent–what, he’s going to shoot and kill for this young girl?

Anyway, the father–who looks and sounds like a bigger Paul Williams–is stressed out.  Also, he has lawyered-up.

It is an interesting way to think about family.  I’ll have a whole bunch of kids and by the time I am 40, or 35, I can be obese, and either a drunk or drug addict.  Maybe both.

Obviously he didn’t do anything wrong.  And it is the way things work–the school board looks to be headed toward court and things like this don’t help at all.  Whether or when and how much have yet to be decided, but it is a set of rules–however vague–that will almost certainly be applied.

The kiss isn’t appropriate but it may also be harmless.  Maybe some of these folks should read or watch Lolita for the first time.  There is at this point no evidence at of anything illegal.  Who says it is kidnapping if she went on her own, or if she suggested it?  Maybe if they get married they could accuse him of bigamy.

What exactly is Tad Cummins leaving behind?  Put another way, yes it is sort of a dickhead thing to do, but who cares?  Same goes for the girl.

He was fired for insubordination, not the peck on the lips kiss.

Elsewhere, Delphi Indiana Murders has grown cold.

They’re still not saying how they were killed.  The word “sex” has never been mentioned.  How often did the girls walk there and who else walks there?

Probably they knew him.  Probably there’s a cyber element–what else is there to do in that  ___ place?  Now the DA is saying probably they’ve already met and talked-to the killer.

The property owner is still in jail.

One thing these two crimes have in common is small towns and police states.  I wouldn’t like the signs, ads, or searches at all.  The motorcycle rally, now there’s a memorial softball tournament, someone is selling/giving away pizzas, are all weird too.


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March 23rd, 2017 at 6:28 am

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“He had told her that he had been in the FBI and CIA. I tried to convince her that you don’t go from jobs like that to teaching in a rural school,” Anthony Thomas said.


Ten kids.  The mother was charged with child abuse and has not seen the 15-year old in a year.

He had no training or background as a teacher.

Ottawa, Canada (twitter)?  Anthony Thomas is not doing well health-wise.

She was (is) a freshmen at a K-12 school of 1,000.  She had never attended public school before.

Anthony E Thomas, 49.  4068 Buck Matthews Road, Columbia, TN.

February, 2016:

Kimberly Ann Thomas, 47, 2754 Valley Creek Road, Culleoka, was arrested and charged with four counts of child abuse and neglect. She was jailed and released on a $3,000 bond.

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March 21st, 2017 at 5:43 pm

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Time to turn off all the outside links and do some serious housecleaning.  It is going to be here but I need to really scramble to make sure it isn’t at the top of the page.  eBay, Safeco Insurance, D.O.R.A., those are possibilities.

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March 15th, 2017 at 12:09 pm

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OK Cupid

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7) What’s your Myers Briggs personality type? 
 I, my friend, am an INFP. Can you believe it?! I’m an open-hearted, self-reflective, introverted-extrovert. That explains a lot as only 1% of the population can claim this lucky combination.

So that’s it, that’s what I got out of my first weekend purchasing A-List.

“A good investment,” the other nerds said to their friend in the teen sleeper Can’t Buy Me Love. “$1,500 for a month with those cheerleaders is not an unwise investment.”

First, the attractiveness meter.  Yes, if you include Southern California it could be worth a kick or two.  And there’s this bizarre background with everyone saying they want someone younger, which may not really be true and probably isn’t going to happen anyway.  For women around here or my age it didn’t really work–too few or just too subjective.

Aside from the disc space (!) the only other real benefit is seeing who Likes you.  The number was creeping up.  Sometimes they tell you when the person clicks “Like” but you can often add it up by people viewing you, plus the little red Like counter.  I think it is retarded to play a cat and mouse game of now you can see me and now you can’t; many people do these kinds of things and stay invisible (i.e., I can view you but you can’t see it).  So I was curious, who are all these women who Like and hide?  More to the point, what #2=@!&%$ is wrong with them if they’re on a dating site but don’t do a *)@B^! thing?

I have “Liked back” about 20 women I have never seen before–hidden, out of state, out of country (!!) and so far haven’t heard from one.  BTW, when you Like each other the site notifies you (so hiding over).

That’s where the tidbit above is from.  Another really high match.

I’ve called it narcissism and I think it can be controlled, if you want to.

And this business of personality assessment?  It has never been my strong suit.  I’m not even going to include the links here because they are easy to find and filled with thousands of people discussing.  Most are OMG that’s me!

Get over yourself.  And being different probably isn’t lucky.

I don’t want to be insulting.  There is science behind it and it is very real.  I think from a compatibility standpoint it is fascinating, not so much for what it says but for what it doesn’t say.  What is not included is the life in between–the relationships, family, phobias and addictions, educations and experiences, travels, and exposure to everything; in other words, the culture.

Knowing is a good thing.  It’s just that…

99 people on OkCupid like you. That’s 99 people likely to write back, say yes, and make this whole dating thing much easier.

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March 11th, 2017 at 8:38 am

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