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May 31st, 2017 at 8:22 am

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Jeffco Reform. us

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It doesn’t help that the Trump administration is rapidly stripping away as many regulations as it can, promising to repeal two for every new one implemented — an ultra-wealthy administration’s attempt to formalize the plutocratic free-for-all that has followed decades of growing corporate power, defined by massive income inequality, regulatory capture, a revolving door between agencies and the industries they oversee, and steadily eroding consumer rights.

That has to be a run-on sentence.

I don’t know, I’m surprised.  But that is the whole point of the experiment.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a glimpse into Google Analytics.  This is just after a very few mailings and a brand new website, a pretest if you will.

day 1

Pretty soon we’ll be doing this there, but:

What does the FBI have to do with it?, you asked? If you read the one email to the commissioners it is a fair question. I called the commissioners (two of the three I know) and they referred me to this Bryan Johnson guy, head of the Jeffco airport and noise; he called and we talked. I said, this whole thing of relying on complaints and expecting residents to research and complain is not representative; there are no data. I explained that my title at the fbi was survey statistician (in the director’s office)–fbi crime statistics are a survey of police departments. That is my field and I am knowledgeable in it. I further said the only way to know the severity is to follow the path and, literally, knock on doors. The traffic and planes has to be explained.

He took that to the people at DIA who he is friends with. When I talked to them they said “we know you used to work for the FBI and…” and I never mentioned it. The implication is he is in cahoots with the airport–not the taxpayers–to support noise.

I don’t get it, do you think I am the only one?  That is the point of that.

Nuisance?  Small claims and sell house?  I don’t want to live under this noise or government that allows it.  That is another matter and it only takes one.


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May 19th, 2017 at 1:28 pm

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More on trees in a bit.  Lucky for these before the storm.

Who was it, somewhere, who was writing about how lower branches save the tree from snow and it is unnatural to prune them; or was it the other way around.  I think they just grow as straight and tall as they can.  Anyway, aspen usually break all the conventions.

It is pretty amazing to grow an aspen tree anywhere.


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May 18th, 2017 at 5:03 pm

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If Trump is impeached, does that mean there is going to be a women’s march every week?  Ha ha.

You just have to figure James Comey is going to have information at his disposal and he is going to know how to use it.  Remember J. Edgar Hoover and his files?  Regardless.  He is a bit constrained because obviously he can’t say anything classified, but he is going to talk and everyone will listen.  He’s going to go before Congress.  Even if he is a prissy little bitch or whatever names are floating around, it isn’t a wise move.

OMG the markets tumbled because of him.  Well, they didn’t exactly go up because of him either and it is hard to believe investors in Japan, Hong Kong, or London really care that much.  Everyone knew some kind of correction was coming.

He is still feeling his ground and sooner or later he may admit that he doesn’t know everything.  I just need for him to stay in office long enough to fire everyone at the FAA.

Anyway, back to our story.  Nixon fired Archibald Cox on October, 20 1973 which led to a bunch of job openings and difficulty filling them.  On August 8, 1974 Nixon resigned.  It doesn’t look good.

No, the Trump Tower was not bugged because you had your own private server.  Putin is the richest man in the world and a few bribes here and there for a Trump anything makes sense on its own, let alone if there is corroborating evidence which will almost certainly turn up.  Evidence?  Almost certainly?

Almost certainly now that everyone’s looking.  We’ll start with the former FBI director’s personal notes.


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May 18th, 2017 at 10:09 am

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You chose soup over a woman?

It was a blog.  And it wasn’t about getting her, it was about not getting her.

I’m very glad I thought about this again.  There was nothing there and I sure don’t want to talk about her ex-husband.

“You don’t know what high-priced lawyers do all day.  Sit around and look for things.  Because I left him.”

Condescending.  Wrong.  Selfish.  Why would anyone put up with that?

One reason is she is so much like me.  OMG it was an infatuation and I think it has worked the other way around too.

Another reason is I really didn’t want to go through it again until, maybe, a time in the future.  That grace period is close to over and I probably wouldn’t read it (am email) anyway.

I’d rather, still, write it here.  That reason includes that there is a post here I’d feel better about if I resurrect it.  Found it, Nostalgia, 7/31/16.

The final reason is I just didn’t realize she was that pathetic beaten-down.    1) inability to love.  2) you need to take responsibility for, and solve, your problems.

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May 13th, 2017 at 11:55 am

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More Tad

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Clean yet provocative writing elicits comments and traffic.  New twist?  I never trusted the father–dangerous dumb.  Jill has quickly sold the house for 137,500.

Why is The Daily Mail out in front?

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May 10th, 2017 at 12:43 pm

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thanks howard:

In this case the California State Supreme Court ruled that a municipality that owns and operates an airport is liable on a nuisance theory for personal injuries sustained by nearby residents and caused by noise from aircraft using the facility

inverse condemnation – a situation in which the government takes private property but fails to pay the compensation required by the 5th Amendment of the Constitution

nuisance – causes offense, annoyance, trouble or injury; private or public

Statute of limitations – I have read that before, that courts apply that.  And the whole nuisance thing of if you seem to be OK with it then let it continue.  I wonder if and how this can be communicated:  unaided vs. aided awareness.  No one has any idea planes are intentionally routed lower–in this case there is altitude involved too–right over their house, all the time, forever.  Nor (might) or would they have any idea what to do about it.  I think it is fair to say government programs often have public informing components, like public service announcements or mailings.  In larger programs there may even be a public or user measurement component, or management may do this on their own.  In my particular case I may have noticed something fairly systematic eight or nine months ago; I said to Andrea at DIA “this has been going on for a year” and maybe that is what I first suspected.  Her reply was “It has been going on longer than that.”  Personally, I only suspected something was up when I could hear the noise and more or less see the planes following each other.  My home looks out over the Rocky Mountains.  How many people can even see that far?

And there has to be something unprecedented in terms of NextGen–no one could have imagined it is or was what it is.  I am approximately 60 miles from the airport.  After weeks of asking questions I still don’t know when it started or how much worse (irrelevant) it will get.

In this day and age–NextGen complaints all over–is it reasonable to hold local officials or intransigent FAA employees responsible?


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May 7th, 2017 at 12:30 pm

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The map

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the map 5They are heading southwest toward Mt. Evans, per Mike McKee.  The whole idea is to fly straighter (and lower) but that means they’re coming from about the “70”  under the EDG in the upper right to the lower corner.  Maybe it is louder and more annoying when they come from behind you.

I’ve spoken with people and heard it myself around Bergen Park, which is above 30545 Roan Drive about where Highway 74 turns to the right.  Over the Walmart and Home Depot and closer to I-70 too it is really loud.  So the main path is not quite that south, more from Lakewood left.  Genesee must get it bad.

Make no mistake there are other paths too, especially going more or less in the other direction.  You can see it in the sky.

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May 7th, 2017 at 12:10 pm

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Disappointing, to say the least.  Seems Trump’s transportation plans are more about private funding than any particular “travel” vision.  It still could be better than nothing.

So where exactly does the fire all the traffic controllers thing come from?  How personally did Trump take the FAA barrage on his Florida utopia?  Very, I think.

This is not good news either.  More kowtowing to the distrustful airlines.  You can bet the FAA doesn’t want it and that has got to have Huerta’s attention .

FY 2017 funding levels will support 19,445 FTPs in the Air Traffic Services unit whose primary function is to ensure the safe and efficient flow of ATC services throughout the NAS

A ha!  There is a NextGen component:

Congress has become increasingly frustrated by the pace at which the FAA has progressed and by regular criticism of NextGen in reports from the inspector general and the Government Accountability Office. A House committee last year voted to spin off the controllers and the NextGen program into a federally chartered nonprofit organization run by a board of directors. The bill was never called up on the House floor, perhaps because Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) knew there was strong bipartisan opposition in the Senate.

The issue has divided the airline industry, won surprising union support for leaving the federal workforce and drawn comparisons with other nations that have privatized their air traffic control networks. If it wins congressional support this year, the FAA would lose more than 65 percent of its workers and be reduced to the role of a regulatory oversight agency, much like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which issues auto regulations and recalls faulty vehicles.

House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.); Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D-Ore.); there are two people to write to.

Interesting, these people at DIA and Jeffco RE…  I’m glad for my experience with the federal government.  No, it has nothing to do with this.  This is a

I still think Huerta’s on the hotseat and noise complaints are going to get much worse; this business of a few “community” meetings is retarded and I have no intention ever of sitting down, looking at a map, and discussing flight plans.  And the local entities–government and airports–must protect their home-turf communities.

Won’t do it?  I’m moving.

How long has NextGen been making people really mad?

Why have Jeffco and Denver been so removed?


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May 6th, 2017 at 5:57 pm

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The video plays right through, no ads, and it is extremely well done–by far the most comprehensive look so far.

Videos of Jill Cummins are hard to watch.  She is absolutely sincere and cuter than I would have thought.  “I was in tears,” she said, when he taught her how to make coffee and she thought he wouldn’t be there any more.

The situation with Elizabeth’s mother has not been widely publicized.  It is sad to watch the crying girls.  The father?  He is sincere too, but you really should notice young girls being hit against dressers or being hit with 2×4’s.  Working day and night as an exterminator…  The girls themselves reported their own mother.

Where’s the link from the defense lawyer saying it is a tough case.  Yeah, the ‘you’re in a position of authority’ argument is not one you are going to beat.  Fifteen probably should be old enough but sex with a minor is pretty clear too.

You just don’t tell a student you have a nice ass.


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May 6th, 2017 at 10:20 am

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