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Desert suburbia, religion, and cute titles

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I have to call it good writing.  It is certainly provocative.

This is perhaps great writing.  There are paragraphs telling a story and that is different than the splashes you usually get.  Even the cover picture–the vehicle out front with a missing child ad on the car–grabs and makes you think.  It is a lot like a missing child who not only is abused, but they lose that part of their life too.

I think if you are padlocked to the furniture in a foul place you have to leave.  The Turpin woman was eating pizza every other day.  The dork/husband worked at General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, and Lockeed Martin and his was a wealthy, not backward, West Virginia family upbringing.  There are four immaculate cars in the driveway (not in the garage) and an awful lot of driver-age “kids.”

The brave woman who escaped was able to take pictures with the non-activated cell phone.

The British tabloids have been quick to expose the air footage and stamp-like lots.  It is a lot like Great Britain.  This one appears to back up to a freeway.

The kids’ stories will be amazing.  For now, no visitors, no TV, apparently no internet, and no (active) cell phones.  Probably no books–imagine if each of the kids had been forced to read the 100 greatest books of all-time?–either.

The parents…  Escaping kids and jail is not good.

Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy and very poor role models.  Perhaps marrying an already-awful rapist in jail was a clue.

Sisters and parents weren’t allowed to visit at the home.  That was a sign too.  More broadly, the religion and home schooling may not end up well either.

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January 18th, 2018 at 11:00 am

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