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“Court documents reveal more than a dozen people said they knew or had even seen evidence of the crimes.”  Can’t help it.  It was today’s news on Wapo.

Joseph DeAngelo was the story yesterday.  Divorced, loner, daughter living with him (no husband or home of her own), as well as a 15-year old daughter.  Moved from New York, GED, stepfather, Viet Nam, policeman.

I can’t help this either – I like to look at pictures of people’s houses online.    From an $80,000 house in Tennessee, to 17 acres in Maine, to Allison Mack’s parents house, it says so much about them.  You can see inside the mansions or the rural homes in towns no one ever heard of.  It is not as if I stood out front and snapped pictures.  Others have already done that –a bunch of people running around in FBI jackets doesn’t hurt– and Google will provide satellite images too.

But the subdevelopments in California really stand out.  The Turpins.  DeAngelo.  Locked gates and neighbors who heard them arrive home or the swearing.

In the EAR case there were so many clues.  Rancho Cordova, I know it now, was one.


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April 26th, 2018 at 10:29 am

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So let’s change the subject.  Allison Mack.  That is not a change at all.

What is not written in posts far below.  She appeared to have it all.  No, that is not the case.  She is awfully screwed-up and that did not happen recently.

But that she wanted his seed, that is a titillating and fairly worn motive.  I remember the woman who thought enough of Cary Grant and her prospects that she sat upside-down in a chair and also wrote a book about it.  It is an excellent book and it was about more than just that.

There is something positive to the Raniere and friends prison influx.  I got some movie ideas by googling Nicki Clyne.  Here is one where she is cast as Guitar Player.

First, my two cents.  She is scared shitless and for very good reason.  The bravado about chasing police cars and volunteering to go to prison is over.  Her life, as she knew it, is over.  It is not baseball, or hardball, or even being hit by a boulder.  It is give us much more or we are not going to budge.

Reading about the Bronfman family history is no fun at all.  Canada, or Russia, will you take them back?  But I digress.

What is going to happen?  There are going to be people saying it is way too harsh for that poor girl.  Others will say she must be related to Charles Manson.

First she must do something to take life in prison off the table.  Then, whittling down the 15 years will be all about more, more, more.

Raniere, the great leader, may as well have it cut off with a meat cleaver.  You’re on your own, baby, and you’re talking about getting it reduced to maybe 5 or 10 years and that is the absolute best that is going to happen.  Tweet, tweet, tweet (sings the canary).

For Keith Raniere, 57, perhaps the public defender will get him to confess.

As for Allison Mack, someone is likely to tell her:  ‘Look.  We’re getting to the point where we’re past shutting it down to tearing it apart and salvage mode.  Are you with us or not?’

For all those suitors out there, Clare Bronfman is still a feisty 39.  You’d better hurry.  Nancy Saltzman, on the other hand, is probably far less desirable and much more vulnerable.

Even the neighbors saw it.  You can’t say you didn’t know these lunatics were walking around at 4 A.M.

Now, on to the movies.  I’ve never seen Smallville.


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April 25th, 2018 at 3:20 pm

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The hugest picture possible

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I am a happy person because I don’t have any secrets.  And I don’t have too many problems, at least none that I cannot write about or think about or do something about and resolve.  I fully plan to, and I am well on my way to succeeding, not leaving a trail of anyone who is mentally crippled, in jail, or worse.

Who is the latest one?  The Waffle House shooter is the latest one.  Let’s forget about guns for a minute.  There are really angry people out there.  Some are so dissatisfied they are willing to kill themselves and take innocent people with them.  A lot of others are really angry at the government, their ex, or something or someone far less identifiable.

My belief (or at least guess) is that in 9 out of 10 cases the problem started with the parents.  It is a lifelong task; I, “approaching” 60, only now think I am truly capable of being a parent.  Also, as an adult son or daughter, it is your responsibility to be your own person and deal with it in an appropriate way.  I cannot stress that enough:  You cannot say stop blaming others unless you stop blaming others.

I am not an angry person.  I do not want to be an angry person.  What is just below marked “definitely Private” makes me angry.

In the U.S. there are two big problems and if they don’t converge we are at least going to see more of them.  They are that more people are going to be old and broke and a lot of people prefer a life of opioids or other drugs to just about anything.


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April 25th, 2018 at 10:37 am

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Related image

Red Terry, Bent Mountain, Roanoke, VA.





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April 21st, 2018 at 6:46 pm

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Allison Mack

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According to Mr. Report and his buddy Art Voice, the story is the story.  As in, either way, we’re going to make it.

Now, combine greed, media, and a vengeance so incredible it fills nine computers and a server, and look what you’ve got.

It is still the best story because no one has written it yet.  Sex trafficking.  Who’d of thunk it.

The things that stick out at first are money laundering and immigration offenses.  Then there are child endangerment indications leading up to rape.  In terms of business, there is pyramid marketing surrounded by secrecy and an inability or unwillingness to explain it (i.e., fraud).  Then there is the whole class of offenses included within coercion, threatening, and physical harm.

The logic behind sex trafficking is that there is a case, but again, did any of the participants have a clue?  And, in terms of shutting it down, it has extreme teeth — a minimum 15 year sentence.

Allison Mack apparently did not know.

That’s the thing that we still don’t know.  How could Keith Raniere have duped all these people?  And in terms of sex, how could he have been that good?

Probably the only way to find out is to read and read and read what the women have to say.  It is tedious.  I remember things like ‘he is a genius’ and ‘he could have done a lot of good,’ but I don’t recall much more.  I have never seen anything explaining why they would sleep with him.

Money and sex, I get that part.  But sex with him?  That’s the part I don’t get.

I wish someone would write a book or make a movie.  That is the problem with these current, real life moron in jail crime stories.  No one has written the story!


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April 21st, 2018 at 11:42 am

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Watch.  It is reminiscent of Scott Peterson.  It is informative because it is almost beyond human.  You just don’t see a person look into the camera and lie everyday.


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April 10th, 2018 at 9:21 am

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You have to be really bored to read this.  I was interested.  I got through about a third.

Nancy Salzman, I think, ran the patent office.  It normally has to do with something new, or beneficial enough to warrant a technical description that makes it unique.  This person claims to have at least…  The number is greater than one.

Earlier when the guy tried to sue people over his bedroom secrets/corporations there was something about psychology.  His was a patent on psychology.  Or maybe it was a pending patent.  Regardless, it was a concoction, fallacy, and all the rest nonetheless.

It came up somewhere in testimony when The Van (short for vanguard) tried to say it was his idea.

“You can’t do that,” the judge said.  Beware because he will invent his own procedure too.  What he meant, and it worked as there was no more mention of it, was we aren’t even going to go there.

Shortly thereafter, either in court or in public, the faucets opened much wider.  Professionals, psychologists, and educators tore everything having to do with Nxivm and the boy genius apart full-throttle when they were published in the name of real science.

In this one, Clare was snickered.  That is no surprise, but it is interesting how or why it happened.

It was not a complaint for patent infringement at all because it never got that far.  First you have to prove you own the patent and he could not even do that.

Documents, where are the documents, the judge said over and over in just the beginning.  You can skip the rest and read the news now, or the next day, as it were.  $1 million fine plus of course your own efforts.

Your own public embarrassment aside, this was a voluntary look into the scam persona.  We never even got to see the patent on speaking.  Or the one for sign language.  It is genius to write such things (the patent applications).


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April 8th, 2018 at 3:06 pm

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When it first broke I was wondering, lots going on, but why sex trafficking?  Frank Report did a little series on likely crimes and even he (19-count indictment) mentioned it way back in February.

There will be more very soon and perhaps for a while because he will appear in court.  They will request bail and it will be denied. – I wanted to see the blog at one point.

  • S 1589, 1591

Those laws are extremely straightforward and simple.  They are very, very strong.  The Raneire allegations are precisely those contained in numerous statues.  It is almost as if the whole thing was designed to break these and many other laws.  The chance of a lifetime sentence is real.

Colonie, NY

Frank Report outlets have covered a ton, including young women from Mexico and who lives in what townhouse.  Why else would anyone go to Colonie, New York?


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April 3rd, 2018 at 9:32 am

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The stock market

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Let’s change the subject.  Now is a good time to buy stock market mutual funds.  Nobody gives three rats’ asses about a trade war with China unless they are selling $1 plastic light bulbs that don’t work.  It is as dumb and pointless as Russia expelling the whole Western world and you cannot say for a second that even Trunp is smart enough to say this (stock crash) was not expected.  Whew.

Steel is heavy and dirty and while we all love it economies have expanded.  Plastic, and oil, that’s where it’s at!  Who needs Chinese shale oil equipment anymore anyway.  We’ll learn ’em!

(I’m not an expert but stealing intellectual property, either the collective brain awareness on Facebook or serious technology or defense secrets, is wrong.  Maybe it is a dumb ship across the bow shot but this one makes a little sense to me.  Besides, Trump’s out to challenge North Korea on crazy.  Next he’ll get a big train (made of domestic steel).  The economy will survive.)

In other news Tad Cummins has decided to plead guilty to federal charges; then come state kidnapping charges and justice in the backward town/parents/school system.

I don’t know who is left back in the hometown for Tad to pack into the SUV.  Just don’t give him the keys.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart.  Nice way to start the day.  Geez.  One of the “kids” is 19.  One is 16, old is old enough to drive, one child is 15, and others are younger.  At first it was, why does this keep popping-up in real news.  So the car went off a cliff.

It wasn’t just a car — it was more like a 3-ton SUV with an 8-person family in it.  I swear I have seen it before on an episode of Banacek.  The tire tracks just disappear.

We can all thank Louise Turpin.


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April 2nd, 2018 at 7:50 am

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